Ways investors can use YouTube to market real estate


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The digital platform has contributed to major growth in the real estate business. Many people use the internet to advertise themselves and their real estate property. Millions of people have access to the computer and the internet, which makes them potential customers in the investor’s eyes. Advertising your real estate business online could be the difference between you and your competitors. YouTube offers a platform for millions of people to market themselves and their products. It is a great way to get extra income. For financial advice visit Simple Personal Loans. They don’t only offer financial advice but also, personal and unsecured loans. Keep your financial position positive with their help. 

Here is how you can use YouTube to grow your real estate

Create a YouTube channel for your real estate

Creating a YouTube channel is fast, easy and will not need too many requirements. You are allowed to customise the YouTube channel with your own colour selection, videos and promotional texts. Real estate investment is wide and you should not focus all your marketing strategies on one channel. You will need to develop multiple channels for multiple purposes to captivate the different kinds of customers. Create a YouTube channel that focuses on real estate commercial buyers, sellers, wholesale buyers, renters and so on. You can build credibility with certain kinds of people by offering them their own platform.

Once you have created the channel, advertise it and ensure you deliver your message

You can get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel by paying for advertisements from developed YouTubers with the same content and advertising yourself on other social media platforms and your website.  Do not start the channel without a marketing plan. You need to know what content you can deliver to your followers. Getting the right equipment is the first step of providing quality content to your viewers. Ensure you have a high-quality camera to deliver good quality videos to your viewers.

Photos and Videos 

Take some videos and pictures of the property you are selling or buying to appeal to the wholesale and retail buyers that may be watching your YouTube videos. Make your work professional; ensure you show the inside, outside and neighbourhood of the property you are selling. Some features like the local amenities and infrastructure should provide a larger view of the area.

Always ensure you are taking the videos on a good sunny day and turn the lights on, open the curtains and stage the home when you are taking the video of the inside of the home for your channel. Do not speak too much in the background as that may be annoying for most viewers. Remember to put your contacts, company and name at the end of every video and watermark your video in case people want to download it and share. You can put links to your website where viewers will visit for additional information.

Uploading to Youtube

When you are uploading content on YouTube, ensure you use a good and catchy video description. Add as many links and contents to the description that is relevant to the video as possible. Annotations will allow you to directly speak to the viewers as the video is playing. If you are selling things from the property on other sites, ensure you include them in the description box.


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